Collection Instructions

prior to collection
Fill out all information on the provided EZswab envelope. You will need one envelope and two or four cheek swabs for each dog being sampled. Check with your lab to find out how many swabs per dog they require.

  1. Isolate the dog to be sampled from other dogs, toys, chews and other possible sources of oral contamination for at least one hour prior to sampling. Do not allow the dog to eat or drink during this time.
  2. The handler should avoid touching the inside of the dog’s mouth. Wearing disposable latex gloves will help reduce contamination.
  3. If more than one dog is being sampled, the handler must wash hands or change gloves before and between collections.
  4. IMPORTANT: never allow the sterile swab tip to touch anything except the original package, the inside of the dog’s mouth, or the EZswab envelope.

NOTE: Pups must be weaned for at least 24 hours before cheek swab samples may be collected. Do not use cheek swabs on unweaned puppies.

collecting samples
  1. Use TWO or FOUR swabs per dog (one or two for each cheek). Some labs now require four swabs per dog when using cotton-tipped swabs.
  2. Open the sterile swab package at the handle end (NOT the collection tip end). Carefully peel back the package to within an inch of the end. Remove the first swab without touching the tip.
  3. While holding the handle of the swab, insert the tip along the inside of the cheek and rotate for at least
    20 seconds. Gently push the gum and cheek to enhance cell collection.
  4. Hold the swab while it air dries COMPLETELY (at least 20 seconds). Do NOT blow on the swab.
  5. Place swab directly into the prepared EZswab envelope. Repeat procedure with second swab. Seal the EZswab envelope without licking. Do not place anything other than the air-dried swabs into the EZswab envelope.
packaging instructions
Cheek swab testing protocol adapted from OptiGen®, LLC
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